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7 Things Successful & Happy Women Do

written by Elizabeth Ashley September 13, 2017

  1. Have a great morning routine – Having a great morning routine can change how productive you are through out the day. I have just recently adapted a better morning routine. At first, it was hard to get used to since I wanted to wake up so much earlier (6 am) but it has made me so much more productive and even more grateful. I say grateful because I added a part in my morning routine where I write down a list of ten things I have gratitude for. It really makes me focus on the important things in life. If you are looking for a good morning routine try incorporating a activity portion to get your blood moving, a mental portion, a productive portion like making a list and a self love portion.
  2. Focus on their interests – So many times as women we often give up what we are into because we either get into a relationship or don’t have time because of work commitments. Successful, happy women truly do make time. It doesn’t make you selfish it makes you human. If you are a true yogi, for example, don’t give up on it just because it doesn’t work with your man’s schedule because honestly its his schedule that doesn’t work with your yoga time. Also, being able to make time for your interests will make you happy and happy girls are always nicer girls.
  3. Never change for a man/woman – I honestly don’t care who or what gender the person you sleep with is but I do care about how they make you feel. If you are with someone who is constantly asking you to act or dress or laugh a certain way, leave. That’s not who you are. Take solace in the fact that you two just weren’t compatible. Successful and happy girls know this isn’t ever an option, no matter how blinding the “love” sign is. (BTW-it’s not a real love sign).
  4. Don’t allow themselves to be disrespected – At work or at home or in line at Whole Foods, successful women do not take disrespect. Stand up for what you believe and even more so, stand up for yourself. If you are just starting your new dream job but your boss is explicably disrespecting you and making you feel unworthy, stand up to him and in a classy way let him know you aren’t gonna take it. Most likely he will stop but if worst comes to worst and you lose your job, did you really want to work for someone like that anyways? You’re truly amazing and any job would be lucky to have someone like you, never forget that.
  5. Take care of themselves – YES GIRL. TREAT YO SELF. Besides like general hygiene you should do things for yourself to make you look and feel good about you. Now, you don’t have to be rich to take care of yourself. For me I like to get my eyelashes done, go tanning and work out. Those are just things that make me feel good about myself. If you’re balling on a serious budget then go to the store and just buy a couple things and give yourself and at home mani/pedi. It doesn’t have to be a huge expensive spa weekend to show yourself self love.
  6. Read – Reading at night can help you get a better nights rest and even if you are reading Harry Potter or Fifty Shades for the eighth time, its better than scrolling through Facebook or GOD FORBID stalking your Ex on twitter again. If you are lost and need some reading inspo check out some of my favs right here.
  7. Time Manage – Get yourself a planner. After reading this you’re probably like “Shit now I have to make time for myself too?” Yes girl, yes you do. Planners are amazing ways to manage your time. I like to plan my day during my morning routine! It’s so great to sit down and actually go over my goals for that day while I drink some tea.

Hope these tips help you! What makes you successful or happy? 🙂

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley 

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