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Apartment Collection: Living Room

written by Elizabeth Ashley February 14, 2017


Here is my living room, it is the heart of my home! I think I have furnished this entire room for under $600 dollars! A lot of people think have been in my apartment and think I have invested so much money into it, but the truth is I haven’t. My biggest purchase was my couch. I got it at a discount store called “The Dump”. It’s a store that sells high end retail furniture for super cheap! This couch retailed for $2,500 and I bought it for $388. My coffee table and end table (not pictured) were bought by my mom at a yard sale for $60 dollars. My proudest purchase in this room is for sure my TV table. I had seen it at World Market when if first moved in for about $500. But two weeks ago, it dropped! It went on sale for $225 and I had a 15% off coupon to World Market. All together with taxes it came out to $206 dollars! I ended up paying $6 because I was given a $200 dollar gift card when I signed my lease. I will link similar or the same things below!

If you are decorating and need some cute little accents go to the thrift store. You can find so many cute things for cheap. I even found those cute gold glasses in my mom’s storage, they were my grandmothers and they make great candle holders and cocktail glasses. Keep your mind open for those little accents, Anthro and Z Gallerie can be expensive! Another amazing tip for decorating apartments is buying plants! I paid $25 dollars for this tiny palm at Walmart.

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley



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