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Happy Sunday Loves!

If you live in Arizona you are probably celebrating Fake Fall. Unless you live in Flagstaff or up north, you don’t get a real fall. Instead, we like to celebrate fake fall. We like getting PSL’s (if you’re me then you get Pumpkin Spice Chai’s), go drop 100 bucks on Bath and Body Works fall candles, dropping our ac’s down to 65 while outside it’s still 95 degrees. It’s amazing.

This is all fine but it makes it hard to dress in cute fall clothes because its uncomfortably HOT. This outfit is very Arizona Fall, cute but still wearable in when its hot outside. The best part of this outfit is that its all under $100!

Also, I am trying to get into better shape and I’m attempting BBG but I’m having trouble keeping motivation. Any tips?

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley



September 17, 2017 0 comment
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Happy Monday friends! I hope you’re all having an amazing day so far. Here’s a cute transition outfit from summer to fall. I can’t believe fall and winter are so close! I love it because you can eat more and still dress and cute as you want! (hehe 😉 )

This outfit wasn’t originally supposed to be on my blog, it kinda just happened. My top is actually from a two-piece set from Victoria Secret. My pants are from a random shop in San Diego and my shoes are from Ross (I think!). <3

Shop similar outfit below:


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Some Random Hotel

Brax and I took a day trip up to Page last weekend and it was so fun! I will write a blog post on our stops very soon. On our way back the lighting was too pretty not to stop. While going through these pictures I was just waiting to see a face or body in the windows, this abandoned hotel was sooooo creepy! I haven’t posted in a few days because my parents have been visiting and it has seriously been the best. 🙂

Shop the shirt HERE 

Pants – Thrifted

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley


May 16, 2017 1 comment
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I can not believe that I found these jeans at a thrift store for $9 dollars! They fit perfectly, I have always loved the high waist on clothing because it is 10x as flattering. The shoes are from a same shop in Tempe called Pitaya and the shirt is from Zara! I will link a few alternatives for the outfit below my 12 things!

    1. I am currently on a Jennifer Love Hewitt binge. I started watching The Client List on Netflix the other day and liked it so now I am watching Ghost Whisperer! lol. If you start The Client List let me warn you that the show was cancelled after two seasons aka don’t get too attached!
    2. I am thinking about going to law school after a gap year when I finish my undergrad.
    3. Right now I am addicted to Chickenless Nuggets from Whole Foods.
    4. I have four big(ish) trip plans for this summer! I plan on doing a lot of vlogging so it will all be well documented. 😉
    5. Speaking of vlogging, a big regret from Italy is not vlogging. I wish I would have invested into a G7X wayyy sooner.
    6. I am SO excited to see my parents soon, I wish I lived closer to them.
    7. I would LOVE to blog for the rest of my life.
    8. When I need to relax, I paint.
    9. I feel like my paintings are very to my feelings intimate and don’t usually ever share them.
    10. Lately I have been so grateful for the people I have in my life, especially my friends. <3
    11. My brother is moving to SLC and as much as I will miss him, I know it will be amazing for him!
    12. I am honestly not hating being vegan!

Here is the actual link for the shirt I’m wearing: https://www.zara.com/us/en/woman/t-shirts/view-all/off-the-shoulder-cropped-top-c719014p4454058.html

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley

May 11, 2017 0 comment
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I loveeeee summer dresses, especially when they are comfy & CHEAP! This baby is from the Forever21Contemporary Collection. I love the darker florals and think it is so pretty here in the desert. I wore this dress to church on Sunday with some black gladiator sandals, it can be super casual or dressed up a little with these cute block heels. I think this would be a great dress for a semi-formal wedding, bridal shower or a date! I can’t find this dress online but I have found a few others from Forever21 that are all pretty cheap and so cute!! I believe the first one is the same print as this dress!

May 10, 2017 0 comment
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Mom Jeans? Debatable…

I have never really been a huge fan of mom jeans until I went to Europe. I am now obsessed. They are so versatile and look good on basically anyone. My belt is actually a long choker! I love accessories that you can change up! I have linked some similar looks down below!

I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley


February 19, 2017 1 comment
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