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Happy Fall!!!! EEeeeek! How weird is that to say?! It is seriously so scary how fast this year is going by! I cant believe I am a senior in college already, I don’t want to fully adult yet! hehe. Anyways, here’s a list of fun fall dates you have to do!
  1. Pumpkin Patch – Then carve those bad boys 🙂
  2. Scary Movie MarathonHere is a list of some of the favorites! (After building that blanket fort, duh.)
  3. Coffee Shop Date – It doesn’t get any cozier than a cup of coffee 😉
  4. Apple Orchard – These are so cute! If you live in Arizona there is one just north of Sedona at Slide Rock Park! I also think there’s a couple here in PHX. Just remember they won’t be as epic as other places.
  5. Day trip to a cool new place! 
  6. Hikes –  (Depending on location, it’s just cooling down in AZ so perfect time to hike Camelback!)
  7. Bake off!Here’s a link to one of my favorite fall treats! Or how could you lose making those little pumpkin cookies that are all over twitter? yum!
  8. Haunted House!
  9. Volunteer! – Tis the start of the season of giving(back), We just volunteered for Feed My Starving Children! 
  10. Cheap Fall Decorating! – Dollar Tree has so many fun little pumpkins and fall things! It really gets you in the mood of the season.
  11. Bonfire and s’mores… romantic 😉
  12. Farmers Market – Support local farmers! Also, it makes for cute insta pics!
  13. Disney! – Love going during the spooky time of year!
  14. Spa Day at home – Check out a at home spa Youtube video and do it up!
  15. Fall DIY – Try making a cute fall flower garland or a new welcome sign. It makes it so much more fun doing it together.

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley

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Hi Guys! Today I am sharing how I get my relaxed, Victoria Secret inspired curls! I felt like a video would be best for this so I made a youtube video. I’m going to be posting more soon so please subscribe! 🙂

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LUMl2UaA38[/embedyt]

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Let’s Begin.

Let me start by saying that these books have changed my life. My mom was recently diagnosed with cancer for the second time. In this time I struggled with learning the meaning behind birth, death and the time in between. I felt like I was really missing the point entirely. I couldn’t tell you how many times I questioned God “why ME?!”on the bathroom floor at 2 am like a pathetic 1st world citizen, during this time, I even questioned “is there even a God?”. I was deeply saddened but confusingly, I found myself more dumbfounded. I stopped not only blogging but I felt like I stopped my life in a way. I didn’t feel like I was moving forward or back, I just felt like all summer I just kinda stayed the same. Mentally and spiritually I was a slave to myself, I was trapped in my own thoughts wondering the about the inner workings of the universe. I felt like I was carrying the weight of everyones sorrows on my shoulders. I tried my hardest to be understanding of my friends problems, but to me they seemed so minimal. I would love to have their “problems. My once compassionate self became resentful and annoyed. That of course was on the inside, on the outside I was caring for everyone else more than ever. Let me be clear on this, I LOVE CARING FOR THE PEOPLE I LOVE. Although, I quickly learned that I wasn’t going to be able to give them the care they needed or deserved if I wasn’t in the correct state of mind, which I was far from. So, instead of muddling in my sorrow I decided it was time to grow up and help myself. So, I started reading.

Eat, Pray, Love – This is the book I started with. I was too young with the whirlwind of this book was happening and to be honest, I don’t think I’d fully appreciate it if I had read it sooner. Eat, Pray, Love is about a woman’s journey of finding herself. She drops her life as a New York City wife to explore the world. She travels to Italy for 4 months, India for 4 months and Bali for 4 months. Along the way, she meets amazing people who teach her about the true meaning of life. Its also very helpful for women who are lost spiritually, I blame this book for my new obsession of yoga.

Milk & Honey – CHILLS. God, I love a good poem. Milk and Honey is AHHH-Mazing for the young girl going through a break-up or any other shit that happens in life. After you take the 20 minutes it takes to read, its a perfect coffee table book. I often go back and reread this book, it feels like the poems have new meaning every time.

Why Men Love B*tches – Yes, of course I added this book. No, it’s not talking about being the typical, pop-culture def of bitch but rather something else, a new meaning of the word. Basically, it’s “learn how to hold your own and not give up who you are for a man”. I really love the part of the book where she explains why men love “the hunt” so much. She states that men will go into the forest, sleep on the ground for 5 days to shoot and kill a deer but, if you drag the SAME dead deer to his doorstep he won’t want it. Men love the chase. Besides, it’s 2017 and women should be in control of there lives without being walked on but if you show that you’re willing to get walked on, you will. *shrug* But, hey, if thats the kinda woman you want to be then who am I to stop ya?

You are a Badass – This book is what you want to read if you doubt yourself. For me, this time in my life made me seriously doubt who I was and what I was capable of. I felt weak and like I was some how behind all of my peers. I felt like my successes in life weren’t that great (Ya, I know… seriously Liz? We get it with the self pity). This book made me stop doing that, it made me feel who I was and what I was worth. Kinda like a Tony Robbins book. YOU CAN DO IT.

The Princess Saves Herself in This One – Another amazing poetry book. It is very empowering and is so extremely relatable! Make sure you leave this one on the coffee table so when guys come over, they know who they are dealing with. 😉

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley

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Some Random Hotel

Brax and I took a day trip up to Page last weekend and it was so fun! I will write a blog post on our stops very soon. On our way back the lighting was too pretty not to stop. While going through these pictures I was just waiting to see a face or body in the windows, this abandoned hotel was sooooo creepy! I haven’t posted in a few days because my parents have been visiting and it has seriously been the best. 🙂

Shop the shirt HERE 

Pants – Thrifted

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley


May 16, 2017 1 comment
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I can not believe that I found these jeans at a thrift store for $9 dollars! They fit perfectly, I have always loved the high waist on clothing because it is 10x as flattering. The shoes are from a same shop in Tempe called Pitaya and the shirt is from Zara! I will link a few alternatives for the outfit below my 12 things!

    1. I am currently on a Jennifer Love Hewitt binge. I started watching The Client List on Netflix the other day and liked it so now I am watching Ghost Whisperer! lol. If you start The Client List let me warn you that the show was cancelled after two seasons aka don’t get too attached!
    2. I am thinking about going to law school after a gap year when I finish my undergrad.
    3. Right now I am addicted to Chickenless Nuggets from Whole Foods.
    4. I have four big(ish) trip plans for this summer! I plan on doing a lot of vlogging so it will all be well documented. 😉
    5. Speaking of vlogging, a big regret from Italy is not vlogging. I wish I would have invested into a G7X wayyy sooner.
    6. I am SO excited to see my parents soon, I wish I lived closer to them.
    7. I would LOVE to blog for the rest of my life.
    8. When I need to relax, I paint.
    9. I feel like my paintings are very to my feelings intimate and don’t usually ever share them.
    10. Lately I have been so grateful for the people I have in my life, especially my friends. <3
    11. My brother is moving to SLC and as much as I will miss him, I know it will be amazing for him!
    12. I am honestly not hating being vegan!

Here is the actual link for the shirt I’m wearing: https://www.zara.com/us/en/woman/t-shirts/view-all/off-the-shoulder-cropped-top-c719014p4454058.html

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley

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Hi, all! Mother’s Day is upon us! Instead of doing a gift guide I decided to do something different & post a twist on the classic mimosa! I used Prosecco instead of Champagne and used the Naked Juice Berry Blast instead of OJ. These are SO good! To make them a little more girly I added some pink food coloring to the sugar that I used on the rim. These are fun! If there is kids around just skip the Prosecco (obvi, but…more for you. 😉 ) so they still get the “fun” sugar and fancy strawberry. Hope you all have a lovely mother’s day & Happy Mother’s Day to all of you beautiful mothers!

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley

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I am sure a lot of my friends and family reading this are extremely confused! I grew up in a very rural area around farming so vegans are rare creatures where I come from but, I had to try it! So, many of my friends are vegan and actually really love it. In the video I talk about how my biggest fear was not getting enough protein but it actually wasn’t too hard. I am sure it wasn’t the healthiest day but it was my first day so I will (HOPEFULLY) get better at this! 😉

To watch my first day, click on the video below. 🙂

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNqINUjApdw[/embedyt]

DAYS TWO & THREE (Chickenless Nuggets & Soyrizo

I am still going strong! It hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be, I was so busy all day so I am getting it up a bit later than I intended but that’s ok. 🙂 Check out my video down below!


[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvjRX1LLZLA[/embedyt]


Hi guys!! I am almost done with my vegan vlog series! This was my first “slip” up and it really proved to me how great Whole Foods Stores really are!

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIcSQy33EJU[/embedyt]


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1. Wash Up

Once you’re ready to stop being so productive, go into the bathroom and draw your bath. While the tub is filling up, gather up every single candle in your house and light them around your tub (this step is extremely extra and is not necessary but is highly recommended). If you have a headache try some essential oils in a diffuser instead of the girly candles! In my bath room I have a glass bowl full of Lush Bath Bombs which I choose from when I feel like I deserve it or have had a hard day. Epsom Salts are also so relaxing to add to a bath and aren’t as expensive as bath bombs! If I had a really hard day I shave my legs because who doesn’t like the feeling of freshly shaved legs in a freshly made bed?!

2. Meditation

There are so many amazing benefits to meditation. If you don’t already, try to set 15 to 20 minutes a day aside for meditation. It will help you become more in tune with your senses and more aware of your body. It also helps clear your mind and when I am finished I usually feel 10x more productive! It really is amazing! I will link some of my favorite youtube meditations below!

3. Your Favorite Show

Nothing can beat laying on the couch binge watching your favorite show on Netflix. If you are trying to unwind and this helps you, make sure you set aside time for it so you don’t feel guilty or go overboard. For example, I will let myself watch two episodes or three hours worth.

4. One Device Rule Or No Device Rule

Okay, I have been doing this for the last few nights and it makes me feel so much better. While watching Netflix I would constantly be checking my phone or on my laptop checking emails. Now, I will set everything on my desk and really relax and enjoy Netflix or turn on the tv and just focus on my laptop. Sometimes I’ll just turn everything off and read a book. I really helps to detach you from a device addiction.

5. Bedtime Yoga

Doing some nightly yoga can improve sleep and help you get to sleep faster. I will usually do my it in my bed just before falling asleep!

What helps you unwind?

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley


February 21, 2017 3 comments
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Here is my living room, it is the heart of my home! I think I have furnished this entire room for under $600 dollars! A lot of people think have been in my apartment and think I have invested so much money into it, but the truth is I haven’t. My biggest purchase was my couch. I got it at a discount store called “The Dump”. It’s a store that sells high end retail furniture for super cheap! This couch retailed for $2,500 and I bought it for $388. My coffee table and end table (not pictured) were bought by my mom at a yard sale for $60 dollars. My proudest purchase in this room is for sure my TV table. I had seen it at World Market when if first moved in for about $500. But two weeks ago, it dropped! It went on sale for $225 and I had a 15% off coupon to World Market. All together with taxes it came out to $206 dollars! I ended up paying $6 because I was given a $200 dollar gift card when I signed my lease. I will link similar or the same things below!

If you are decorating and need some cute little accents go to the thrift store. You can find so many cute things for cheap. I even found those cute gold glasses in my mom’s storage, they were my grandmothers and they make great candle holders and cocktail glasses. Keep your mind open for those little accents, Anthro and Z Gallerie can be expensive! Another amazing tip for decorating apartments is buying plants! I paid $25 dollars for this tiny palm at Walmart.

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley



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I have slowly but surly began to fill my apartment. When I was abroad I spent my down time doing A LOT of pinning on my Pinterest Boards! When I was home sick, it helped me so much to envision my future home.

I have always been a huge fan of mid-century modern and that kinda my style through out my apartment. It was important to me to also let the style reflect myself as well (hints the mean girls referenced UFO poster and the bar, lol).  I found my table on the app OfferUp! It is soooo great if you are a college student or you are on a budget. I used the key word “IKEA ” in my search bar! I will link everything or similar items down below.

Cool side story: the photo on the right in the middle was given to us when we stayed in the Amsterdam Hilton. It is  the famous photo of John Lennon and his wife in that hotel. We actually stayed on the same floor! I was excited! 😛

  • Dog Toys: Petsmart or Walmart
  • Dog Basket: Ross, Similar HERE
  • Dog Bowls: Petsmart
  • Dog Mat: Actually a rug from Target
  • Frames: IKEA
  • UFO Photo: Society6 
  • Half Fool Photo: Society6
  • Moon Photo: Society6
  • Bar Cart: atHOME (I bought here, but for some reason not on the website, so I linked similar)
  • Table: IKEA
  • Chairs: IKEA
  • Marble Vase: Braxton’s gift
  • Flowers: Braxton hand picked them 😛

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley


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