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Hi all!

A couple weeks ago Braxton and I headed up north to Page! I have lived in Arizona my entire life and haven’t been to Antelope Canyon or Horseshoe Bend(a later post). It was amazing, but I didn’t realize how far it was from Phoenix till that morning when I mapped it out, haha. I learned a few things on this trip so I thought I would share them with you. 🙂

  1. If you are driving up from Phoenix its eight hours roundtrip, so get some road trip snacks. I felt like it wasn’t too bad of a drive because it was so scenic! Seriously a great day trip if you have no plans one Saturday!
  2. There is an upper and lower canyon. Some of our friends did both and told us that it was basically the same and cheaper to do the lower canyon which is why we did the lower canyon. If you want you can still do both or head over to Horseshoe Bend like we did!
  3. You can reserve your tickets online, we used Dixie Ellis and they were great! I think we paid between $25 to $30 per ticket?? I felt like it was well worth the 1.5 hour tour, our guide was great! He pointed out all of the faces and figures the canyon made.
  4. IF you are considering recording and posting any where public you HAVE to buy a media pass. They told us the Canyon was copyrighted (I didn’t know you could copyright mother nature??). But I think it mostly has to do with it being tribal land and since it is their land they do have the right to it which is totally fine, just get the pass. (Side note: you can record and post only 7 seconds of the canyon if you wanted to without a license)
  5. Make sure you wear great shoes and bring water, but use the restroom before you start the tour!
  6. Our tour guide told us it does get busy during the summer/hotter months. Its best to wait for the slower season if you are trying to avoid lines. It took us about 20 mins to get into the canyon, they also said this was very fast!
  7. Lastly, make sure you are respectful to the land and the tour guides. It has been formed over millions of years and should be treated well for future generations. The tour guides are all awesome and our really made our experience amazing, don’t forget to tip them.

Hope you all get to see this one day!

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley

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I’m backkkk. I know I have literally been MIA on my blog forever but I will get to that next post. For now, I wanted to share some pictures from my weekend at Priest Lake. Braxton and I took this trip with his family for the up north winter wedding. It was so beautiful and I’m so happy we had the honor to share the love with them! The lake was (obviously) frozen over. Sadly, not frozen enough to walk on *sad face*.

This weekend also reminded me of how much fun card games and speak out is! Def pick them up for your next family game night!

Also, I link down a few fun games and my favorite {cute} snow gear!

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley

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copenhagen copenhagen-13 copenhagen-12copenhagen-7 copenhagen-11

copenhagen-9 copenhagen-4 copenhagen-5 copenhagen-6

Colorful Copenhagen

I am literally obsessed with Copenhagen. We weren’t originally planning on stopping in Copenhagen but I am so glad we did! I feel like one of the coolest parts was getting there. We took a bus from Berlin and about 4 hours into our ride we came into this port. I saw this huge, cruise ship sitting there with the back open. Our bus drove right on! (Ok, I realize people do this everyday but it was so foreign to me, I was so excited! haha.) Once we were parked on the ship we were able to get out and walk around. It was like a (crappy, 1980s) cruise ship on the inside! We were able to get a nice meal then we got back on the bus and drove another hour till we got into Copenhagen.

Once we checked into our hotel, it was pretty late so we had date night in the hotel restaurant. We got up pretty early the next morning thinking we could get a head start on the day, little did we we know the sun doesn’t rise until about 8:00. Ooops! We were able to watch a pretty sunrise in the Rosenborg Castle Park. The castle itself was so beautiful! We grabbed breakfast at 42 raw and had acai bowls! They were sooo yummy!

Copenhagen is one of the most bike friendly places in the world. They have “bike streets” right next to the actual streets, they even have their own stop lights! We rented our bikes for about 5 euros an hour. It made getting around so easy & fun! The bikes also had a GPS screen so you knew exactly where you were! I recommend renting bikes to anyone visiting Copenhagen. We made sure to stop by the Nyhavn Harbour which is a beautiful canal full of sail boats and colorful buildings. It definitely made for some great pictures! We then rode our bikes to the star shaped island called ‘Kastellet’, and walked to the old windmill. There is so many things to do in Copenhagen! We wish we could have stayed longer but we definitely plan on taking a trip back in the near future!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley

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insta-11-12-2 insta-11-12-3 insta-11-12-4 insta-11-12-5 insta-11-12-6 insta-11-12-7 insta-11-12-8 insta-11-12-9
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This is sort of a long story but bear with me! When we were in Amsterdam, I got our dates mixed up and we ended up having to stay one night in an Airbnb. So, when we were leaving said Airbnb we accidentally locked our big suit case inside. Our bus was leaving in 40 minutes and it took at least 30 minutes to get to the bus station. We knew we had to call our host to unlock the door, he said “I’ll be there in 20 minutes”. In turn, we missed our bus by 10 minutes and the next bus wasn’t for another 4 hours. Things like this happen all the time while traveling and if we have learned anything it would be to just roll with it. We booked the next bus and sat in Starbucks while we waited. At the bus stop we met a girl named Mai. We got to talking and ended up becoming friends! She invited us out for drinks the next day in Brussels.

Fast forward to the next day and we woke up in the amazing Hilton Brussels Grand Place, had a yummy breakfast and started our walk around the city! The day before was long and stressful so we decided to take the day slow. We walked around the city center, grabbed lunch and then needed a nap. (I know, we have sooooo much energy, lol). That night we went out with Mai and her boyfriend. We started with drinks, then they took us to get Belgium fries and other popular street food. It was soooooo good! We then walked around the beautifully light up city center. We ended up at the statue of the little boy peeing! lol. It is so much smaller in real life! Seriously, the thing is about a foot and a half tall! After that they showed us the statute of the little girl peeing. (It’s tiny too!) Lastly, we went out to a bar called Delirium! Which is famous for having over 2,000 types of beers! We had so much fun with our new friends, we love meeting new people especially from different countries. They taught us so much more than we could ever learn about Brussels ourselves. Meeting people is probably one of the best parts about traveling.

Thanks for having us, Hilton Brussels Grand Place! For more details about where we stayed check out their Instagram & Facebook.

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley 

*This post was kindly sponsored by Hilton Brussels Grand Place, all opinions are my own 🙂

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amsterdam-11 amsterdam-10 amsterdam-6
amsterdam-8 amsterdam-9 amsterdam-4amsterdam-7 amsterdam-3 amsterdam-2


It is about five times more fun than everyone says it is.


We took a bus from Hamburg down to Amsterdam.  Once we arrived we jumped in a Uber to get to the Hilton Amsterdam. The Uber drive was young and fun loving, he told us, “Welcome to Amsterdam, you are now free like a bird.” I’ll never forget that! haha. That Uber driver was just a glimpse at the type of people we met in Amsterdam, outgoing and enjoyable.

Where We Stayed

While researching Amsterdam, I came across an iconic picture of John Lennon & Yoko Ono. The photo shows them sitting in bed with a windowed background and “Hair Peace” and “Bed Peace” written on the windows. They were protesting the Vietnam War with “Bed-ins”.We found out this photo was taken in the Hilton Amsterdam. After contacting them they welcomed us with open arms. 🙂 It was wonderful to stay in such a historic place. Also, if you are a fan of Jhene Aiko, then you will realize she got the inspiration for her Bed Peace music video from that photo! The Hilton Amsterdam was canal front and had beautiful views in all directions.  We loved being able to walk or take a short uber ride into the city center.

What We Did

Amsterdam is FULL of things to do. It doesn’t matter if you are 8 or 80, there is something for everyone! After grabbing breakfast at the hotel we went to the “I Amsterdam” sign. PRO TIP: If you take the photo from the reversed, less crowed side you can flip it on your phone and it will read the right way! 🙂 Then we walked down to the Heineken Experience. I don’t really drink beer but it was cool to see how it was made and the history of Heineken. They also had horses and that was my favorite part, obviously.

You don’t know what bi-polar weather is until you have been to Amsterdam. We walked from the Heineken Experience towards the city center and it went from completely sunny to pouring rain in about 5 minutes. It was crazy! We didn’t have an umbrella so we ended up walking into a random diamond museum with free tours lol. By the time our tour finished we walked down to the Anne Frank House. We saw have seen so much on the holocaust and seeing her home made everything so much more real. If you haven’t read my blog on Auschwitz, check it out here.

By that time we were starving so we decided to stop at a small cafe and have a snack. From there it stared raining again, lol. We went for cover in the tulip museum next door. I fell in love with all of the tulips! They told us the best time to visit the tulip fields is the last two weeks in April and around Kings Day. I can’t wait to be back and to see them! Check out this post Amber Fillerup did while she was in Holland to see the tulips I’m talking about.

When we left it was STILL raining so we hopped into another museum. Well, it wasn’t a museum as much as it was a cheese tasting, lol. The sign said it was a cheese museum but what it really was, was a fun store with a lot of samples. 🙂 After that, the rain finally stopped. To end our day we went on a walk through Vondelpark and ate a yummy dinner at La Boca. I can’t wait to be back in Amsterdam!

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley

*This post was graciously sponsored by Hilton Amsterdam. All opinions are my own 🙂

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new-photos-4new-photos-3new-photos-6 new-photos-7 new-photos-8 new-photos-9 new-photos-10 new-photos-11 new-photos-12 new-photos-13 new-photos-14 new-photos-16 new-photos-20 new-photos-21 new-photos-22new-photospraha


When checking into our Airbnb in Munich, we started talking to our Airbnb host about the cities we will be traveling to next. When we mentioned Prague her face lit up. She told us about her husband taking her to Prague for Valentines day, she said “It’s the most beautiful city in the world”. Hearing this set the bar extremely high for Prague. I was expecting only the best.

When we got picked up in our Uber, our driver spoke really really good English. She almost sounded American. It turned out she was waiting for her work visa to get renewed before moving back to Canada. She grew up in Prague and was super helpful and pointed us in the right direction for our stay. It’s always great to get a locals input!

We were lucky enough to a have an extremely central apartment. Just outside our door was the famous “John Lennon Wall”. So, that’s where we started. The wall is essentially glorified graffiti with a lot of murals of John Lennon intertwined. The paintings started in the 1980’s to protest Communism and to spread peace & love. There is also the John Lennon Pub which is right around the corner from the wall, they serve great food and drinks! I highly recommend if you visit the area!

From there we walked uphill to a small shop called Bohemia Bagel. Everything in Prague was priced really well and breakfast was only about 10 USD for the both of us! IT WAS SO GOOD!

Best View in Town

When you continue up the old, beautiful streets you are greeted with the most amazing view of Prague and a whole lot of castles! The castles in the photos are from the one of the biggest castle complexes in Europe that opened in 870 AD. For me, it is always so hard to even begin to think about how old that is! lol! On top of the hill was the most beautiful Starbucks. I had a coconut milk hot chocolate. It was yummy + kept my hands nice and toasty.:)

In the middle of the castles was a man making giant bubbles and children playing in them. It was literally the perfect scene! I was jealous that this was everyday life for those kids. After making our way thru the complex we came to a small stand selling trdelniks. (“uh… wait, what?” click here!) They are a Prague’s iconic dessert and a must have while visiting! When you walk down the hill from the Castle, you walk alongside a few vineyards with an amazing view of Prague, we stood there for about 20 minutes in awe. We then crossed the St. Charles Bridge to the other side of Prague. We watched the astronomical clock that puts on a little show at the top of each hour. Crowds gather to watch the clock rotate and little statues’ next to the clock move around to the sound of the bell. We then took pictures in Old Town square where there are many shops and famous statues.

Fish WHAT?

I started to have a sweet tooth after seeing so many desserts, so we stopped in a chocolate shop and I got the chocolate apple! When we came out of the store it was pouring!! So, we went a few doors down to a Thai massage parlor. (This is not going in the direction you might be thinking this is going.) We got fish pedicures!!!! lol. They are tiny little fish called ” Doctor Fish” that clean your feet by eating the dead skin off. For some reason, there were barely any on my feet because they were all attracted to Braxton’s haha. I am the type of person that hates the part of the pedicure when they scrub your feet because I’m so ticklish and at first this was no different but, it got better. After about 30 seconds it just felt like little bubbles! Everyone should do it once but, yeah… keyword “once”.

Good Night Prague

We ate dinner that night at the place called “The Lokal” that was recommended to us by our Airbnb host, and it was very good. After we had a romantic walk around the river. <3 Prague didn’t let us down, it was one of the most romantic and beautiful cities we have visited yet! Everyone needs a little Prague sometime in their life! We are looking forward to our next trip, stay tuned for my next post! 🙂

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley

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viennnnna-4 viennnnna-2 viennnnna-3vienna-7vienna-5 vienna-6vienna-9vienna-13 vienna-14 vienna-15 vienna-16


Vienna is totally different than we thought it would be! In the most amazing way! We were so impressed by the architecture and the people.

We stayed at the beautiful Hilton Vienna. When we arrived at the train station it was so funny because I thought I had called a normal Uber but it turns out I accidentally called an Uber Mercedes van! Lol. So we rolled up to the Hilton Vienna in this giant black van that had enough room for 10! After checking in, we headed up to our room. The views were insane! We were welcomed with chocolate, wine and fresh fruit. Probably the best parts about staying here was the location in the city park. We spend so much money in Ubers and taxis that it was so nice to be located in the city. We were able to walk everywhere in a short amount of time! There was also a giant mall across the street so it came in handy when our charger stopped working. We love staying with Hilton because the amazing rewards program, HHonors! We get so many perks! This is where you want to stay in Vienna! 🙂

vienna-4 vienna-17viennnnna viennavienna-2

The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel then headed out on foot to St. Stephan’s Cathedral. This Cathedral was bombed in World War II but has since been renovated. It is a beautiful must see in Vienna! Vienna is also known for its numerous statues and it seemed as if there was one around every corner! It is also known for being a place many action movies are filmed; we even saw an active set on our walk!

We walked thru the Sisi Museum to the Hofburg Palace. A lot of our pictures were taken there haha. About 20 meters from the Palace is a lovely butterfly greenhouse. It was about 5 euro but it was so nice to warm up inside and see so many butterflies!

While reading about must-dos in Vienna we noticed a pattern forming. GO EAT THE APPLE STRUDEL AT CAFÉ CENTRAL! It was like every Vienna recommendation was to get this strudel! Now, in the US when we think of strudel we mostly think of toaster strudels because well…I have no legitimate answer but, we are seriously missing out back home! This strudel was AHHHH-MAZING! It was like an apple pie but better, much better.

We ended our day at S’parks, the restaurant inside the Hilton. It was great food and after a long day of walking it was so convenient!

Happy Adventures!

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley

*Thank you Hilton Vienna for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.*

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germany-castle-2 germany-castle-4 germany-castle-5 germany-castle-6 germany-castle-7 germany-castle-8 germany-castle-9 germany-castle-10 germany-castle-11 germany-castle-12 germany-castle-13 germany-castle-14Wait…I LOVE Germany!

If you know me than you know that once October first hit, I started singing Christmas songs. (Yes, sorry, I am one of those…). I love Christmas so much because it is so joyus, giving, loving and it’s the only holiday that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This is probably why I loved Germany so much. It’s only October but in the big city of Munich and in the small German town of Fussen, Christmas time is in full effect. If you love Christmas and want to travel to Europe make sure you go to Germany. Anyways, enough about Christmas (for now 😉 ) and about the castles…

Getting to the Castle

After getting into Munich and walking the city center we decided the next day we would do a side trip. While in Ireland a few fellow ASU students told us how amazing the Neuschwanstein Castle is. After seeing pictures it was on our bucket list.

We started our journey at the train station in Munich. By train, the trip takes about 2 hours and if you are traveling in two you can get a great deal and buy these roundtrip tickets, here for about 28 Euro together. It’s actually a pretty inexpensive day trip. (Unless, you walk into one of the Christmas stores…another story.) Once you get into the romantic town of Fussen you hop onto a bus headed to the town of Hohenschwangau, if you buy the ticket I mentioned this bus ride is included. From the small town the castle is only a 15 minute walk. I have to mention that this walk is uphill so if you want you can pay 2.40 Euro for a bus ride up.

The Castles & Cash

Once you are on the hill it is a short walk to a bridge that gives one of the best views of the castle. When we went the bridge was littered with tourists. So we did a little hike up the mountain to get our view. The hike was so worth it because it also gives you an amazing view of a scenic lake and both the Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein castle. Probably one of the most breathtaking views ever. Before you leave make sure you pick up a cute Christmas ornament!

We got back into Munich pretty late so we decided to have some wiener schnitzel close to our apartment. Funny story, it turned out our restaurant only took cash. Braxton and I only had 10 euro in cash and our bill was 25 euro. So, Braxton went on an adventure looking for an ATM. Moral of the story, carry more cash. Haha.

Happy Adventuring.

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley

P.S. The lovely Chinese women in our picture wanted to get a photo with us because we were American. haha. So, in exchange we also asked for a picture with them. 🙂

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After two plane delays we finally made it back to Milan on Wednesday night. We spent the last week back home in Arizona for Braxton’s sisters’ wedding in Sedona. It was so beautiful and was well worth the trip home. We wouldn’t have missed that day for anything! (Love you, Shea & Pat!)

Once we were back we unpacked then packed up again for our trip to Zürich. Before we left to study abroad a friend had told us how amazing the train ride from Milan to Zürich was and that we had to do it while in Europe! She was right! The train ride that takes you through the Swiss Alps is breathtaking; snow capped mountains, waterfalls, crystal clear rivers…it seriously has it all. It’s safe to say that it has been the most enjoyable four-hour train ride so far! I highly recommend it. We did a lot of research before coming to Zürich so that we could make the most out of our two days here and I think we may have found the best way to spend 48 hours.

Oh! Here’s a view from the train ride!



The Swiss are known for their fondue and apparently it is hard to beat the fondue at Swiss Chuchi in old town Zürich. We opted for the Special 4 aged cheese fondue and it was amazing. The ambience gave it such a cute Swiss feel. Just beware that the prices for fondue are PER PERSON. Haha! Can you tell we learned the hard way? Still, well worth it.


If you find yourself a little north of old town Zürich try the healthy and hipster food restaurants near the Gerold Chuchi Umbrellas. Also, don’t think you are getting a bargain. Food in Zürich is expensive. So come prepared!



We stayed at Hotel Schweizerhof Zürich during our trip. Not only was the hotel beautiful but, the staff was incredible. They were so nice and willing to help when we needed them. After our fondue dinner we came back to our hotel to fresh fruit and the most comfortable beds. Our butler even brought us a bar of chocolate as a gift just before heading to bed. While traveling we don’t always get to exercise so it was great to finally be able to wake up and work out in a fully equipped gym. After our work out we headed to their Champagne Breakfast. The service didn’t let us down and there was so much fresh variety. We had an amazing time at Hotel Schweizerhof and recommend it to anyone traveling to Zürich!


One of my favorite parts of the Champagne Breakfast was their freshly made juices!

zurich-12-of-24 zurich-14-of-24 zurich-13-of-24zurich-8-of-24

Nothing beats the cold better than hot tea and a bubble bath! 🙂zurich-3-of-24 zurich-2-of-24 zurich-1-of-24


By far the most relaxing thing we have done on our time abroad so far was going to the ThermalBad & Spa in Zürich. We decided to splurge and go for the Irish bath ritual. We had read great reviews but still weren’t totally sure what we were in for. When we arrived they were helpful in explain all of our choices. The Irish ritual compiled a series of steam rooms, skin peels, hot baths, cool baths, and different types of jacuzzis. The ambience is quiet and relaxing. Once you are done with your ritual you can head upstairs to the massive rooftop jacuzzi that gives an almost 360 degree view of Zürich.

img_1822 img_1833-2Here are some more photos from their website!

screen-shot-2016-10-15-at-12-20-06-pm screen-shot-2016-10-15-at-12-20-39-pm screen-shot-2016-10-15-at-12-22-23-pm

I would also recommend the seeing the Gerold Chuchi Umbrellas! They are so cute and fun to take photos of!


I hope you all visit the magic of Zürich!

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley

*This post was graciously sponsored by Hotel Schweizerhof Zürich, as always all opinions are 100% my own.


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img_3467img_3453img_3470 img_3525img_3597 img_3607 img_3706 img_3727 img_3732 img_3743 img_3762 img_3868 img_3869 img_3874 img_3897img_1562

^^^^ Picture inspo via Derive Taylor Gonzalez (Click the link to check out here Ireland post!)


I have always grown up in a “what you see if what you get” kinda home. I felt that from Ireland. The people there are so real. They never tried to act better than you and they are so warm and friendly. Ireland is so welcoming, it makes you feel at home.

When we first arrived in Dublin it was around dinner time.  We took our Airbnb’s hosts’ advice and headed to a small pub, Headline 57. They had the most amazing chicken wings. Also, they had a great cider. 🙂 Braxton felt it was only right to have a Guinness, we were in Dublin after all.

That night Braxton planned a “it’s only a 8 hour tour” tour to the Cliffs of Moher. haha. Well, it ended up turning into a 12 and a half hour tour. I must say, it was incredible. Braxton booked a Paddy Wagon tour, which is a bus company that takes you to all the great picturesque parts of Dublin. We made 5 stops in total throughout our day. The first stop was a bathroom break at this small town called Kinvara, which is a small fishing village home to the Dunguaire Castle that overlooks the bay. After a short 30 minutes of walking the small town, we headed to the second stop at the “baby” cliffs of Moher in Burren. I put baby in quotations because even though they don’t compare to the actual cliffs of Moher, they are still 200+ feet high. The coast had beautiful scenery. Rolling green hills, open pastures home to hundreds of cows, and small cottages spread along the hillside.

On our way to the Cliffs of Moher, we stopped in a village named Doolin for lunch. We had about 45 minutes to eat at the local pub which served a buffet line of food. I ordered some chicken with the option of picking 3 sides. Those sides included: mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes and seasoned potatoes with a few vegetables. The Irish sure do love their potatoes! haha. We then loaded the buses and made our way to the final destination.

Upon pulling up to the parking area of the Cliffs of Moher, it started to rain heavily. We forgot our umbrella at home and worried the conditions would not be good enough to capture great photos. Our tour guide( who was also our bus driver) explained with the high winds(around 50MPH), the storm would blow over in a few minutes. Luckily he was right for the time being. We made it to the edge and the view took our breaths away. The lush green cliffside with waves crashing on the rocks below made for some great pictures. Until it started to rain again. We took shelter near the the viewing tower that costs 4 Euro to see the views from the top per person. After the winds calmed down, we were walking along the edge when Braxton’s hat flew off his head over the cliff (I got it on video lol). He was pretty disappointed in the moment, so we headed down to the gift shop in search of a new temporary hat. Once at the gift shop, we walked through the museum located inside and learned more about the history of Ireland. Fun fact: Irelands second largest export is actually Viagra behind agriculture. They produce more than 25 million pills per day.

The next day, we went to the world famous Guinness Storehouse. It was about 20 Euros per person but that included a pint of beer at the top, um yes! We made our way through the five levels learning about the history, ingredients, and process of producing Guinness. Its crazy to think that the Guinness Brewery is older than America. It was established in 1759, when Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000 year lease for the brewery (we are only 257 years in). The storehouse is actually built in the shape of a pint of Guinness with a glass viewing tower with amazing 360 degree views of Dublin. We made our way up each floor all the way to the top to enjoy our pint with an amazing view. After the tour, we went down the street to the Teeling Whiskey Distillery. This Distillery is the only one built in over 125 years in the city of Dublin. We took a tour and saw the behind the scenes and process of how they make their famous whiskey. Another fun fact: Ireland ages its whiskey for 3 years and 1 day. One day longer than Scottish whisky just so they can say theirs is better lol… rivals. After the long day of beer and whiskey tasting, we headed back to our Airbnb to relax to catch in early flight the next morning back to Milan. Looking forward to our next adventure!

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley

P.S. Watch the video down below to see our experience in Ireland!

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrNmZWJznDE[/embedyt]


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