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written by Elizabeth Ashley November 23, 2016

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Colorful Copenhagen

I am literally obsessed with Copenhagen. We weren’t originally planning on stopping in Copenhagen but I am so glad we did! I feel like one of the coolest parts was getting there. We took a bus from Berlin and about 4 hours into our ride we came into this port. I saw this huge, cruise ship sitting there with the back open. Our bus drove right on! (Ok, I realize people do this everyday but it was so foreign to me, I was so excited! haha.) Once we were parked on the ship we were able to get out and walk around. It was like a (crappy, 1980s) cruise ship on the inside! We were able to get a nice meal then we got back on the bus and drove another hour till we got into Copenhagen.

Once we checked into our hotel, it was pretty late so we had date night in the hotel restaurant. We got up pretty early the next morning thinking we could get a head start on the day, little did we we know the sun doesn’t rise until about 8:00. Ooops! We were able to watch a pretty sunrise in the Rosenborg Castle Park. The castle itself was so beautiful! We grabbed breakfast at 42 raw and had acai bowls! They were sooo yummy!

Copenhagen is one of the most bike friendly places in the world. They have “bike streets” right next to the actual streets, they even have their own stop lights! We rented our bikes for about 5 euros an hour. It made getting around so easy & fun! The bikes also had a GPS screen so you knew exactly where you were! I recommend renting bikes to anyone visiting Copenhagen. We made sure to stop by the Nyhavn Harbour which is a beautiful canal full of sail boats and colorful buildings. It definitely made for some great pictures! We then rode our bikes to the star shaped island called ‘Kastellet’, and walked to the old windmill. There is so many things to do in Copenhagen! We wish we could have stayed longer but we definitely plan on taking a trip back in the near future!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley

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