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written by Elizabeth Ashley January 16, 2016

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Disneyland, the most wonderful place on earth. Sure its filled with screaming children, long lines, and overpriced food but that is all apart of the “experience”. Am I right? Although, there’s something magical about this place that keeps us coming back for more. We have learned tips and tricks that not only keep us sane but also happy. 🙂

Before we get to Disney we always make sure to buy our tickets and bus passes. We personally like to stay, here. It’s kind of pricey but we do splurge for the convenience of everything. Downstairs we were able to buy both our Disneyland tickets and bus passes. The bus conveniently picks us up right in front of the hotel and drops us off by the gates of Disneyland. The bus passes were around five dollars a day for unlimited back and forth rides, which is nice for that mid-day nap.

To save more money we packed fruit, candy, Kind Bars, and our own water.

The very first thing we always do once we get to Disneyland is get a Fastpass for Space Mountain. If you want to ride this ride at all during your trip, I advise you to also do this. It is probably the most popular ride with an average wait time of one hour. If you haven’t been to Disney or you aren’t familiar with Fastpass, there is a kiosk by mostly every ride that once you put in your Disney ticket allows you to come back between certain times. When you do come back you get to enter a short line and usually only have to wait around five to ten minutes. After that we head over and wait for Star Tours. If it works out perfectly, you’ll able to hit Space Mountain right after. If not head right across the way to the Buzz Lightyear ride. It usually only takes about 15 minutes.

After riding Space Mountain, we head across the park and got FastPasses for Indiana Jones. While we waited we rode Pirates of the Caribbean and grabbed lunch around the corner at the bread bowl restaurant. It’s a tiny walk up window that serves some of the best clam chowder! It’s around $10 dollars a bowl. Although we don’t usually spend ten dollars on soup, its huge and also a Disneyland favorite. If you have more time, you could take a ride on the ferry or the pirate ship! Once we’ve rode Indiana Jones we head over to Splash Mountain for a Fastpass. Now, we typically like to head back to the hotel for a relaxing nap. But before you leave, don’t forget your hand stamp as you leave or you wont be able to re-enter.

When we come back we go straight to Splash Mountain. But don’t worry, you won’t get too soaked depending on where you sit on the ride. After that, we line up along Main Street to enjoy the parade. In my opinion the parade is a must for first-timers! When the parade is over there’s usually time for one more ride, we seem to always pick the “Matterhorn”. There is no FastPass for this ride but it’s a classic and really worth the wait.

After that we head over to the Dole Whip stand to enjoy a pineapple treat while we watch fireworks.

Pro Tip: Instead of waiting in the long Dole Whip line, go into the waiting area for The Enchanted Tiki Room there’s another line which is usually only two or three people long. You can always exit and not watch the show.

After fireworks we usually souvenir shop and head back for a good sleep.

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley

P.S. enjoy this throwback of our first time at Disney together!

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 9.53.33 AM

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