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written by Elizabeth Ashley September 21, 2016

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A while back when Braxton and I were first dating we talked about how cool it would be to go to every Disney Park in the world. So obviously, Disneyland Paris was on our bucket list for this Paris trip. Sometimes when you are away from home from a while you start to miss the little things that remind you of home. Disney was so nice because it reminded me of home. Some parts reminded me so much of the OG Disneyland in California especially the part where I got a CHURRO! (Mexican food has a special place in my heart and I miss it very much. LOL!)

If you are planning on making a trip to Disneyland Paris, be sure to buy your tickets online the day before. Instead of paying 90 euros for a single park per ticket we paid 45 euros for two parks! This was a great deal because honestly I feel like I would have been robbed paying 90 euros for a single park. I know that in California we pay around 100 USD a ticket but the parks in Paris are much smaller and 45 euro for both parks in an extremely fair price in my opinion. I say this because it took us around 5 hours to see every adult attraction in both parks. Although, I must say Disneyland Paris has a MUCH better Space Mountain. We did so many twists and turns and upside-down stuff! Haha! It was awesome! 😛

We are in London now and are having so much fun! Stay tuned for my blog post on our first day in London!

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley

P.S. We are finishing up our Paris Travel Diary and it should be up soon! 🙂

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