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Fake Fall

written by Elizabeth Ashley September 17, 2017

Happy Sunday Loves!

If you live in Arizona you are probably celebrating Fake Fall. Unless you live in Flagstaff or up north, you don’t get a real fall. Instead, we like to celebrate fake fall. We like getting PSL’s (if you’re me then you get Pumpkin Spice Chai’s), go drop 100 bucks on Bath and Body Works fall candles, dropping our ac’s down to 65 while outside it’s still 95 degrees. It’s amazing.

This is all fine but it makes it hard to dress in cute fall clothes because its uncomfortably HOT. This outfit is very Arizona Fall, cute but still wearable in when its hot outside. The best part of this outfit is that its all under $100!

Also, I am trying to get into better shape and I’m attempting BBG but I’m having trouble keeping motivation. Any tips?

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley



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