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Going…Going…Blonde! 5 Things to Know Before Going Blonde

written by Elizabeth Ashley September 12, 2016

I recently went the lightest blonde I have ever been. No, it wasn’t all in one session. When they told me lightening my hair would take a while I didn’t realize it would take this long and my hair isn’t even as light as I originally wanted it to be. Going blonde takes time. I mean, look at Khloe Kardashian. How long as she been working on blonde? She is finally really, really blonde after what seemed like 78,759,823 years of lightening. I know what you’re thinking…“But, what about Kim after North?” and “What about what Kylie just did for NYFW?” Well…I’ll get to that.

My hair is naturally extremely dark brown and baby thin (Yes, I know. I STILL bleached it…) I was the girl that had the same hair because my mom wouldn’t let me touch my hair with product until I was 16. Thanks Mom! Seriously, THANK YOU! Looking back I’m glad I don’t have a strip of blue hair in my 6th grade school picture. Surprisingly you were right again and did live without it. When I was a senior in high school I finally decided I wanted to try something new. So, I did a baby, BABY ombre. It was barely any bleach and it basically looked like I had highlighted the ends. This is what I wanted. It was blended and still looked natural. I was terrified of my hair looking like it was “dipped” in a bucket of bleach. Although, I did notice the effects of bleach to my hair and I was back to the dark side by the time fall came around.

Now, I’m a grown up. JK. Who am I kidding? I’m a junior in college this time.  I don’t know what made me want try blonde again but, this time I was determined to go as light as I could. I wanted to be really, really blonde. This is what I’ve learned about the process and what you need to know if you’re thinking about going to the lighter side.

  1. Your hair will die. It will seriously be dead and like all things dead you won’t be able to bring it back to life.
  2. Know you will have to cut some off. I started this process with about six inches more hair. Take a biotin vitamin to help your hair grow faster and healthier.
  3. If your hairstylist doesn’t use Olaplex, find a new hairstylist. Olaplex is why Kim can go from black to Platinum in a couple sessions without being bald. Don’t get me wrong it’s still dead, just less dead and still intact in her head. Kylie’s hair is usually a wig. A super expensive wig.
  4. Find a great purple shampoo. I had color-treated hair before I started going blonde. This and the fact that I have really dark hair made hair super brassy and have an orange hue. Most people don’t like this, so purple shampoo will help tone it down to the cool blonde most want. I use Shimmer Lights and Lush’s Dorian Gray. I don’t use purple shampoo everyday. I use Obliphicas’ Seaberry Shampoo on the daily. 😉
  5. Your hair will need special treatment. Once I am out of the shower I apply Moroccan Oil. It’s one of my favorite hair products in the world! It’s an investment but it’s amazing and will last you a long time. I also have a newfound love for Lush’s Damaged Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment! It will also make a world of difference if you use less heat on your hair!

Enjoy the blonde!

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley


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