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Lago di Como!

written by Elizabeth Ashley August 28, 2016

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Yesterday, we went just north of Milano to Lake Como. It was about an hour by train and only cost us about $5 US dollars. Lake Como is where a lot of Milan residents weekend. It’s obvious relaxed and laid back atmosphere is what makes it so appealing. Milan is known to be one of the business capitals of Europe, it has a very fast paced vibe.

While at Lake Como, Braxton and I walked the town then took a boat ride around lower Lake Como. The hour long boat ride was as pleasant as it was breath taking. We really enjoyed seeing the locals (last photo) fishing and joking on their small boats. I have learned so many cultural differences but all humans love a good laugh. 🙂

After our boat tour we decided to get lunch. The charming restaurant, Monti’s, was updated, chic and yummy. I ate gluten (…ooops) and had a prosciutto panini. Braxton went for the lasagna In case you were wondering, the lasagna was way better. When we finished lunch it was time to start heading home, but first we stopped for gelato.

We didn’t get to see a few things the we had really been wanting to see so we will probably go back sometime soon! Among those were the town of Bellagio, a tram ride up into the mountains and George Clooney. 😉

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley

P.S. I felt afraid to share part of my culture shock when we first got to Italy. I was really so nervous and lost. At first I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it for so long, I had already been so anxious for this trip. Apart of me felt so embarrassed to be feeling that way after all of the excitement. Braxton wasn’t feeling like this? What was wrong with me? So I did what any sane person would do and I googled it. Culture shock was normal and now I am starting to finally adapt. Although I am still not getting used to the market not having shredded cheese, tortillas or salsa. I am in desperate need of Mexican food. SOS!

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