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written by Elizabeth Ashley July 4, 2016

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Happy Fourth of July! I’m so excited to finally be feeling better after a rough few months and (what seemed like forever) recovery. A year ago Braxton and I spent the fourth in Mission Beach with some  friends. It was our first real time away from Arizona together and where we really bonded. I left that trip knowing I wanted to date him. 🙂  This year we are spending the Fourth here in Arizona. It’s hot but we wanted to save for Italy and also because we are headed to San Diego next week. We decided it will be the perfect opportunity to do our first vlog! We have some fun things planned so hopefully its not terribly boring! 😛

I also started a new page on my blog, if you look in my header it is named “Shop”. On my shop page I will be posting my “Friday Favorites”. I’ll share with you all some of my favorite clothes, bags, beauty items and a few random things. I’ll be changing the next items this Friday!

I hope you all have a safe & wonderful Fourth of July. Happy Independence Day America!

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley

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