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written by Elizabeth Ashley January 16, 2016

"I love him so much"

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We met in our first year at Arizona State. He was s’cute walking into math every day. We got to know each other and naturally, he asked me to study with him.

I’m not one to stereotype but I was new to college and unsure of this frat boy. He was charming and soon proved his stereotype wrong.

First Date

My first year in college was filled with tons of butterflies but, nothing would prepare me for the ones I got on our first date. He took me out to a special place (I’m pretty sure we were trespassing but he was so worth getting arrested for) in the mountains to watch the sunset. We talked until night then counted all 7 stars in the Scottsdale sky. It was pretty successful first date.


In late July Braxton planned a getway trip to Hunnington beach to the US Open Surf competition. The trip was just a few close friends and the two of us. After having a quiet talk on the beach he asked me to be his girlfriend. He thought I didn’t know but I saw that coming from a mile away. 😉


 Now, we still attend Arizona State and some how he still loves me. I hope you all find someone like I did, someone to be awkward with.

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley

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