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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

written by Elizabeth Ashley May 2, 2016

MOTHER’S DAY IS COMING!!! I was so tempted to name this post “A Starving Student’s Guide to Mother’s Day” because thats basically what it is since I’m always on a budget! So I decided to share some tips on how to give Mom something she’d love without breaking the bank! So, lets skip the flowers and (store-bought) card this year. 🙂

1.) Lush/Bath Bombs

Mothers day Bath bombs Elizabeth Ashley

When I was younger my mom would always escape from us by taking a bath. So this is always a great gift to the stressed out mom who needs a break. These range from about $5 to $10 dollars. Grab her one or two and she’ll love it! If you have a bigger budget, think about getting her a Lush Gift Basket!

2.) Bath & Body Works CANDLES

mothers day gift guide elizabeth ashley

THESE ARE ON SALE FOR 12.50 TILL MIDNIGHT TONIGHT! Bath & Body Works have amazing candles! They are usually $22.50 so try to get them on this sale! They will go perfectly with that bath bomb. 😉

3.) As You Wish or other custom pottery studios

Mothers day Gift Guide

Channel your inner three year-old at As You Wish Pottery. We only have these in Arizona but, there are a lot of similar places in most big cities. A few months ago I went in and painted my Mom & Dad coffee cups. At As You Wish you grab a ceramic piece you like, paint it and pick it up a few days later after it has been glazed and fired. It is such a custom and personal piece that no matter your skill level, your mom will love it.

4.) Pandora Rings

pandora ringsPandora rings are in right now and they are so beautiful. They start at $25 and go up from there. They are also stackable if you wanted to team up with a sibling or buy two!

5.) Teavana or Starbucks gift card in a handmade card

Mothers Day gift Guide

Chances are your Mom drinks coffee or tea. If you don’t know what she prefers go with a Starbucks gift card because they now serve Teavana tea! Make this gift more special by making her a handmade card. Michaels and Hobby Lobby have everything you need to help make your mom the best handmade card. If you’re not into that, put they gift card into a Starbucks Tumblr and put a bow on it!

6.) Spa Day

Mothers day gift Guide

If you can afford it treat your mom to a mani/pedi or massage gift certificate to the local spa. If not, bring the spa to her! Give her a mani/pedi and massage yourself. Stop by a health food store and grab some relaxing essential oils and play a nice pandora station. Your mom will be grateful and the best part is IT’S FREE. 🙂

7.) Coupon Book

Handmade coupon books

I found this idea here, on Hoosier Handmade. They are such a sweet idea. If you are helping your child make these for your wife or a friend who is a Mom, they are especially perfect because kids they really feel like they have a part in Mom’s gift.

8.) Wine

Mothers day Gift Guide

If your mom is anything like my mom, she likes wine. Grab your mom a nice bottle of wine to go with Mother’s Day Dinner. If you aren’t 21 yet pick her up some new wine glasses! If you’re on a budget try a thrift store or antique shop, usually they have even cooler stuff anyways!

9.) Restaurant Gift Card

Mothers day gift guide

Give the gift of date night! Let your parents have a night on the town with a gift card to a nice restaurant for Mother’s Day.

10.) A Puppymother day gift guide

It is statistically proven that Mom’s really only love puppies on days that end in “y”. Do your family a favor and get Mom a cute puppy this Mother’s Day. JUST KIDDING. I mean unless she really wanted one, then you’d probably become the new favorite child.

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Sassy Jones May 2, 2016 at 3:45 am

Hi sweetie
Those are all great ideas I can’t wait. I do have to say the best gift was the day I was blessed with you and your brother.

Love you lots


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