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Found Paradise in Prague

written by Elizabeth Ashley October 26, 2016

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When checking into our Airbnb in Munich, we started talking to our Airbnb host about the cities we will be traveling to next. When we mentioned Prague her face lit up. She told us about her husband taking her to Prague for Valentines day, she said “It’s the most beautiful city in the world”. Hearing this set the bar extremely high for Prague. I was expecting only the best.

When we got picked up in our Uber, our driver spoke really really good English. She almost sounded American. It turned out she was waiting for her work visa to get renewed before moving back to Canada. She grew up in Prague and was super helpful and pointed us in the right direction for our stay. It’s always great to get a locals input!

We were lucky enough to a have an extremely central apartment. Just outside our door was the famous “John Lennon Wall”. So, that’s where we started. The wall is essentially glorified graffiti with a lot of murals of John Lennon intertwined. The paintings started in the 1980’s to protest Communism and to spread peace & love. There is also the John Lennon Pub which is right around the corner from the wall, they serve great food and drinks! I highly recommend if you visit the area!

From there we walked uphill to a small shop called Bohemia Bagel. Everything in Prague was priced really well and breakfast was only about 10 USD for the both of us! IT WAS SO GOOD!

Best View in Town

When you continue up the old, beautiful streets you are greeted with the most amazing view of Prague and a whole lot of castles! The castles in the photos are from the one of the biggest castle complexes in Europe that opened in 870 AD. For me, it is always so hard to even begin to think about how old that is! lol! On top of the hill was the most beautiful Starbucks. I had a coconut milk hot chocolate. It was yummy + kept my hands nice and toasty.:)

In the middle of the castles was a man making giant bubbles and children playing in them. It was literally the perfect scene! I was jealous that this was everyday life for those kids. After making our way thru the complex we came to a small stand selling trdelniks. (“uh… wait, what?” click here!) They are a Prague’s iconic dessert and a must have while visiting! When you walk down the hill from the Castle, you walk alongside a few vineyards with an amazing view of Prague, we stood there for about 20 minutes in awe. We then crossed the St. Charles Bridge to the other side of Prague. We watched the astronomical clock that puts on a little show at the top of each hour. Crowds gather to watch the clock rotate and little statues’ next to the clock move around to the sound of the bell. We then took pictures in Old Town square where there are many shops and famous statues.

Fish WHAT?

I started to have a sweet tooth after seeing so many desserts, so we stopped in a chocolate shop and I got the chocolate apple! When we came out of the store it was pouring!! So, we went a few doors down to a Thai massage parlor. (This is not going in the direction you might be thinking this is going.) We got fish pedicures!!!! lol. They are tiny little fish called ” Doctor Fish” that clean your feet by eating the dead skin off. For some reason, there were barely any on my feet because they were all attracted to Braxton’s haha. I am the type of person that hates the part of the pedicure when they scrub your feet because I’m so ticklish and at first this was no different but, it got better. After about 30 seconds it just felt like little bubbles! Everyone should do it once but, yeah… keyword “once”.

Good Night Prague

We ate dinner that night at the place called “The Lokal” that was recommended to us by our Airbnb host, and it was very good. After we had a romantic walk around the river. <3 Prague didn’t let us down, it was one of the most romantic and beautiful cities we have visited yet! Everyone needs a little Prague sometime in their life! We are looking forward to our next trip, stay tuned for my next post! 🙂

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley

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