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written by Elizabeth Ashley February 9, 2016

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I kick my self every single time I see pictures from this trip. We have thousands of photos of all kinds of trips we have taken but for some reason we only brought the camera out one time on this trip. This short vacay up the California coast taught us so much about each other and also road tripping in general. 

First things first…slow down.

Getting a speeding ticket is expensive, PLEASE SLOW DOWN. Haha. On our way back down the coast I was blasting Beyonce and forgot speeding was illegal. Also, did you know that a cop can pull over two cars at once? Well… they can so sometimes having a “turkey” doesn’t work. Anyways, take your time and enjoy the views and if theres no views enjoy your company or music.

Second – Try new things + food

For us the new thing was feeding sea lions. I know, I know-“pics or it didn’t happen”… blah blah blah. I swear we did. The place was so random and kinda old but super cheap! Check it out here.  I know this is weird but before this trip I had never had salt water taffy. I’M SO ADDICTED! It was amazing and we stocked up for years. I’m still finding wrappers in my car.

We stayed in hotels and camped out one night. If you are on a budget-look into camping! It’s such a great way to save money! I swear its not as bad as it sounds (as long as you bring the blow up bed). 😉

When in doubt, Yelp it out. 

I cant tell you how many times we used Yelp this trip. If you are unfamiliar with Yelp it is a website with reviews of basically every place that serves food or entertainment. We found the best and cheapest place to eat in everywhere we went. Seriously, if you haven’t already, use Yelp.

Last but not least

Don’t be like me…take photos of your journey! Chances are you wont be back for awhile! Have fun & happy travels!!!

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley 

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Sonny May 7, 2016 at 12:30 am

A wonderful job. Super helpful inmftoarion.


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