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"I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet."


  • I need to decorate my apartment for Christmas so bad 😫 I haven't been in the mood at all this year. I seriously need tips on how to get in the Christmas spirit?😭#help #christmastime 🎄
  • Being a tourist > being a student
  • "We're a lot better at drinking beer than playing golf" - @lizzydeekuzz 
Good day playing golf in my Dad's memorial tournament ❤️ love you daddy ⛳️
  • What's worse than one Liz? Two.
  • My dad has always been my hero. He has always signified strength, courage and tenderness.  He was so in love with my mom and it will always be a standard of love I hope I can achieve. Although, his death was unexpected and has brought us so much sadness we will continue to honor him and remember the loving, kind person he was. I love you, dad. I'm forever grateful to have the last 22 years with you. ❤️ The poem I included was written to my mom in an email from him in 2002. She always kept it next to their bed. ❤️
  • Boo 👻

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