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The 411: Eyelash Extensions

written by Elizabeth Ashley May 2, 2017

The 411: Eyelash Extensions

I first started getting eyelash extensions a little over a year ago when they first started getting really big. I had heard about them a years ago but at the time they were extremely over priced, not like $20 or $30 dollars more than I pay now, NO. Seriously, people were charging around $300 or $350 for the initial set then charging $150 for fills. It was insane!! At that time I was still in high school and obviously could not afford that so I didn’t get them. ANYWAYS! I wanted to make a post about them because I know I had a lot questions and I still get a lot of questions about mine!

  1. How it Works – When you go to get your first set it typically take 1 to 2 and a half hours depending on how fast your girl or guy works and how many natural eyelashes you have. The first thing they will do when you lay down in tape down your bottom lashes. This is done so that the glue will not touch you other lashes and glue your eye shut, haha. Next they will start glueing on lashes. Usually these are one per natural lash. This is why it takes so long. If you get the volume technique it is usually 3 to 5 lashes per ONE natural lash. Personally I only get this technique if I’m going to a special event. While they are glueing the lashes on you just lay there with your eyes shut, some people even fall asleep. 😛 I added this close up to show how they really are on each lash, I am about a week out from my last appointment so some have shed.
  2. Price – Like I was saying, they were really expensive at first but now that they have gotten more popular they have gotten cheaper. In bigger cities it is usually going to be cheaper (depending on the city of course) than smaller towns because of supply and demand. I personally pay $80 for a full set and around $40 for a fill. I think this is a great and fair price for normal, non-volume lashes!
  3. When to Get Fills – I get my fills every two or two and a half weeks but they usually depend on how fast your lashes grow and if you pick at them! DON’T BE A PICKER.
  4. How to Care – I try not to get mine wet for at least 8 to 12 hours after getting them done, this helps the glue set. Also, I don’t hardcore wash my face or splash water on my face. I love using make up removing wipes and gently using a wet washcloth for my face wash. You can wear eye makeup but I feel like they don’t last as long, plus you’ll realize how much you won’t “need” it. They really do make you feel more put together, I feel this especially in the morning! Lastly, I’ve heard that using oil based products (like make up remover) makes them fall off!

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley 

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