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The Amalfi Coast

written by Elizabeth Ashley September 13, 2016

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About an hour south of Naples is a piece of heaven on earth called the Amalfi coast. When we first began thinking about studying abroad we knew that we had to visit the picturesque town of Positano. The town is famous for its bright and colorful buildings tucked along the coast of the baby blue Mediterranean.

We arrived by train to Salerno around 11 a.m. then took a ferry ride to Maiori. We stayed at a beautiful hotel called Hotel Panorama. After we got our bags in our room we headed to the beach. Along the Amalfi Coast is a mix of public and private beaches owned by the hotels. Hotel Panorama offers an amazing beach to its guests. We rested the entire first day and enjoyed the small charming town of Maiori.

The next day we took a bus to Amalfi. Before we went, we watched the Rick Steves episode on the Amalfi coast and he talked about how scary the bus rides were and he wasn’t lying! The road along the Amalfi coast is around 750 years old and in some places isn’t quite wide enough for two cars. The fact that we were cliffside along the Mediterranean Sea made for an interesting and intense first ride. Amalfi is known for its lemons and Limoncello liquor. These are amazing and a must try in Amalfi! While we were wondering the town we got stuck in a rainstorm. We noticed that the sky was dark but didn’t expect rain in paradise! So we escaped on our ferry to Positano.

Positano was as amazing as one would expect. It’s the kind of city that inspires artists. We stopped and had a caprese salad and a drink before exploring. After lunch we headed out and walked the small intimate streets. It was as romantic as it was beautiful. There is a path that stretches along the coast that we hiked along which holds some amazing views, private coves and small, intimate restaurants. We decided to take a swim at the end of the day while collecting some pretty colorful rocks, which cover the shoreline. The water was so warm and reminded me so much of Hawaii with its clear blue water.

When we got back in Maiori, Braxton took me out to dinner. It was a great way to end our week traveling. 🙂

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley

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Delores Palmer (G'ma) September 14, 2016 at 4:51 am

Thank you, Liz for your wonderful descriptive stories of the beautiful Mediterranean coast! I probably will never get there myself but I do, when I read your blogs! Love, laugh and live! Give my love to Mr. B and see you both soon. Love to you too!

Haydenismylove September 16, 2016 at 8:03 am

Soo pretty ??

Vivian Aimee September 20, 2016 at 2:52 pm Reply

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