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Welcome to New York

written by Elizabeth Ashley August 24, 2016




3 am: We woke up. Yes Mom, I can wake up that early. 😉

3:45 am: Arrive at Sky Harbor.

4 am: Finished checking bags and getting thru security…which we planned on taking two hours. I have never gotten thru security so fast in my life!!! We did curbside check in with our luggage and walked right into security. It was so fast. I was sitting at our gate thinking of how much more sleep I could have gotten. I finally fell back asleep and woke up (what seemed like 5 minutes later) at 5:45 when we started boarding.

6 am: Take off! FYI, if anyone was wondering during the flight I watched Confirmation, which was literally amazing! It had Kerry Washington and if you liked scandal, you’ll love this!

1 pm (NY Time): Landed in NYC! We originally thought it was going to be such a drag using the subway and the AirTrain to get to our AirBnB. But, it ended up being super easy!!

2 pm: Arrive at AirBnB. We met our host, Sarah, she was amazing and gave us so many tips to tour NYC. Her studio was the perfect place for us to stay. If you are wondering what it looks like I will link it here.

3:30 pm: After settling in we walked down to Central Park. In the words of a tour guide, “It’s as ’bout as artificial as Disneyland”. I can’t tell you how true this is. I mean, the trees are real and so is the grass but the lakes are fake and the park almost seems unnatural. It seems so out of place. Surrounded by towering buildings, I could see how it can be an escape for a New Yorker. Although, for someone who grew up around real lakes, parks and nature this was so weird! I must admit, we had an amazing waffle to snack on!

5:00 pm: It took us as much time to walk from Central Park to Time Square as it does to walk across the ASU Tempe Campus, that’s how close they are. It was as big and shiny as I expected it to be! I loved Time Square but, it was so smelly! There is so many…errr… interesting people there too! haha. New York has a certain vibe to it that is hard not to love. It’s people do what they want and they aren’t afraid to say whats on their mind. I love that about this place, it reminds me of me. 😛

7:30 pm: After seeing a few other spots like Carnegie Hall and Radio City Music Hall we had pizza at an amazing place called aperiTIVO. We got the Buffalo Pizza. For the first time in my life I had Buffalo mozzarella and I am forever changed. Its made from the milk of Italian water buffalo and it is so soft and perfect.

8:30 pm: (Remember, this is 5:30 AZ time) We fell asleep! We were so tired but I was so glad to finally have the first day (flight) over with. I had so much anxiety coming into this trip but I was so relieved everything went so well. 🙂

That’s all for today! But I am so excited for tomorrow’s post!

With Love, Elizabeth Ashley 

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Margaret Jaeger August 24, 2016 at 4:47 am

I’m glad you had a wonderful experience of New York City. It’s an amazing city. What fun!


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